The 65th Birthday Checklist

How to Get and Keep Medicare Benefits: Yours to Hold

If you are turning 65, congratulations! This is a big milestone in your life. There will be many things that you need to do and buy before this birthday, so we put together a checklist to make sure that everything gets done in time. From understanding Medicare and Social Security benefits to getting some exercise, we have your back for the next few months until the big day arrives. The OEP vs AEP chart explains thoroughly what the benefits of both plans are.


* Understand Medicare and Social Security benefits. You’ll need to know how these are going to affect your life so that you can plan ahead for the future, like retirement (Medicare) or planning for when your social security will run out (Social Security).

* Set up a doctor’s appointment. This is important, because you want to make sure that all of your health needs have been taken care of before this birthday comes along! It also helps if there is already an established relationship between you and your physician in case anything happens while you’re turning 65. * Get some exercise – even just taking a walk around the block every day makes a huge difference in keeping healthy later in life! If walking isn’t enough, try digging deeper because you will find that there are plenty of other things to do that will help you stay healthy. * Become more engaged in your community – not just with the people, but also with what is happening around you! Contacting a senior center or starting up new hobbies can make life easier and give you something to enjoy while taking on these big changes.

* Plan for how much social interaction time works best for you before this birthday rolls around! If it feels like too many plans have been made so far in advance, then consider spacing them out throughout the year instead to keep things from feeling overwhelming and over-scheduled.