Moving to a New City with a Friend

How to Survive

Moving to a new city with a friend is a lot of fun. You get to explore the area together, and there is always someone around if you want some company. However, moving can be difficult too! There are tons of things that need to be done when it comes time for your move, and it’s easy for one person to forget something important. In this article, we will talk about how best to prepare for your move with a friend so that both of you have an easier transition into your new life in the big city! The Designed To Move service is something you should most definitely check out.

Designed To Move

You’ve got to make sure you’re packing all your belongings! Get everything from the top of your closet down and sorted. It’s easier if each person packs their own clothes, but it can be difficult for other types of items (especially breakables). You might want to take a list with you that lists what is in every box so it will be easier to unpack them when you get there. Make sure those boxes are labeled too-your friend may not know where things go as well as you do! When packing up furniture, remember: measure before buying new pieces for the apartment or house; only bring essentials like seating, beds, dressers/tables etc.; don’t forget about any electronics such as charging cables, some small kitchen appliance, and things like that.

Keep in mind, both of you will want to bring clothes for when the first week ends up being more than expected-you may not have time or energy after unpacking all your boxes. It is best to pack at least one outfit per day within a suitcase so it’s easy to grab on days you don’t think about packing ahead. You’ll also need some basic toiletries such as shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste/toothbrush etc., but those are just normal life necessities! When moving furniture around during the move: be careful with corners & staircases; use protective pads under heavy items (and yourself) if possible; only carry what feels comfortable -take breaks often!