Common Issues with Slab Foundation: What to Know Before Moving

Find out More about Slab Foundation and the Usual Problems that Come with It

Slab foundation is one of the most common foundations used in North America. This type of foundation is made up of concrete, which can be poured or pre-cast. The great thing about slab foundation is that it’s affordable and easy to install. Slab Foundation Repair in McKinney is also a great solution when you experience some issues with this kind of foundation.

There aren’t many problems associated with slab foundation unless you’re planning on building an addition onto your home . If so, then you need to make sure you dig deep enough for footings or else your addition will not properly support additional weight above it due to insufficient footing depth under the first floor beams.

Slab Foundation Repair in McKinney

Other typical issues with slab foundation include a lack of insulation and no crawlspace. This means that the only way to get under your home is by going through an exterior door.

Also, slab foundation doesn’t allow for much natural ventilation. This means that moisture tends to build up inside the home leading to issues like black mold, mildew and rot (which can be dangerous!).

Slab foundation also makes it difficult to install a septic system. This is because the pipes would need to go through all of your house’s slab foundation, which can be very costly and inconvenient for homeowners.

In order to avoid these common issues with slab foundation, make sure you hire a reputable contractor who has experience working on this type of home construction before buying a new home with an existing foundation made up of concrete slabs or pre-cast blocks . They should be able to give you some recommendations about what needs updating and if there are any potential problems that will require their attention as well as suggest ways around those problems so that they don’t become future issues once renovations start getting underway.