Where to Buy a Level Switch and How to Install It

Getting A Level Switch For Your Home

LKI level switches are an essential safety device for any water heater. They save lives by automatically turning off the electricity if someone falls into the water. If you have a pool, spa or hot tub, these devices are also necessary to save your guests from getting electrocuted. These devices are simple to install and can be purchased at many hardware stores and online retailers.

For a start, you’ll need to turn off the power to your water heater at the breaker box.

Next, locate the receptacle where your level switch will be connected and remove its cover plate. If there is an outlet inside of a junction box or another type of enclosure, you may have to cut it open with a utility knife in order to access it.


The next step would involve taking some measurements so that you can purchase the correct size wiring harness for your model switch. To do this, simply measure from one side screw on the load terminal block (where electricity enters) until just past two wire grooves into which wires are inserted before measuring again back towards ground(neutral). A typical length might be three inches but if yours measures longer than five inches, you might need to purchase a larger one.

After that, strip the insulation from about an inch of each wire and connect them together with two butt connectors or electrical tape. Make sure not to exceed more than five inches of exposed wiring on either side! If your wires don’t quite reach all the way back into their respective grooves this will be ok but it is really important they do not actually touch each other at any point. This could result in electricity flowing through unintended circuits which can cause damage or fire!

Next, place the load terminal block within its enclosure and screw it tight so that none of the metal parts jut out beyond its face plate before connecting your level switch according to manufacturer specifications (this varies depending upon model). Once that is done, replace the load terminal cover plate and screw it tight before turning your power back on at the breaker.

Finally, make sure to test out your switch by filling up a bucket with water and pouring it over the top of your tank. If all has gone well, electricity will be cut off as soon as you do this!