How to Increase Your Website’s Ranking

An Intro to Social Media and SEO: Why Both Matter

With so many websites out there trying to rank higher than the other, it can be hard for a small business website to succeed. However, if you take just five minutes of your day and put an ounce of effort into marketing strategies like social media, that success will come much sooner. If you do not have time to optimize your content, just visit Crimson Agency for more accurate info. Here are some steps on how to increase your website’s ranking in order to gain more exposure:

-Use hashtags when posting content on social sites such as Facebook or Twitter; this increases visibility with people who might not know about your site but have similar interests. This is also helpful because these posts appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

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-Tweet specific articles related to what you do; then use the hashtag #follow. This helps people find what you are talking about and also gives them an idea of what the article is about before they have to click on it.

-Post links to your content in relevant communities such as LinkedIn or Facebook groups related to topics that are important for your business; this will increase engagement with other members who may come across it elsewhere due to these posts being shared back into their feeds by others in the group, which can lead more traffic to your site.

-Use social media scheduling tools so you do not miss any opportunities while doing work around the office! These apps allow you post at specific times during every day and even set up a plan weeks or months ahead of time if needed.