Top Ways to Keep the Romantic Sparks Alive When You’re Long Distance

Just Keep It Interesting!

Being in a long-distance relationship can be difficult. You have to work hard to keep the spark alive and still make time for yourself. Finding activities that are both fun and easy is essential for staying happy as a couple. Check out this blog post made by Charlie Eissa, where we discuss 5 long-distance couples activities that will help you stay connected!

-You should find online games that you can play together.

-Send each other pictures of your day with a thoughtful caption (i.e., “I made it!” or “Can’t wait to see you tonight.”)

-You should text, call, or Skype the person every day when possible

Charlie Eissa

-Create a list of questions and fill in as many answers as you can together over video chat One way is by taking turns asking one question before answering it for themselves. This will be fun because it’s something new! Number Five: Give an update on what they’re doing so that they’ll know how much thinking about them helps keep everything going strong from afar.

Every night before bed, ask some questions like Favorite food?

What are their plans today? Can you make them company ?

What’s their favorite season?

Can you share a specific memory of them with me? I want to know all the good things that come up when you think about this person.

-Send each other photos every day for 30 days (or until you miss one) and post on social media tagging #30daysofdating or something like that (you can do less if desired). Number Eight: Share your favorites pictures of yourself from over time, starting at age 12 and going into present day. What has changed in how you dress or look since then, what are some themes/styles they have noticed that could be incorporated more often?