Moving with Pets: Tips and Tricks

How to Move with Pets

Moving with pets is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be as challenging and stressful as you may think. Movers in Charlotte metropolitan area here to give you some tips and help if needed.

Talk to your landlord about pet policies before signing a lease or rental agreement- they may not allow pets at all. You need to find a landlord that is more pet-friendly if you absolutely want to keep your furry friend with you. Find out what type of animals are allowed in the building: there could be breed restrictions or size limitations on certain breeds of dogs like pit bulls, rottweilers, chow chows etc…

Check into moving companies in order to get quotes for getting yourself and your animals from one place to another safely without any stressors involved. They might charge differently depending on how far away you are going but every company should be willing and able to give estimates based on their general rates as well as distance traveled. If possible, pack up some things while still living at your old place so that you don’t have to do it as a last minute hassle.

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Take the time and energy necessary in order to pack up all of your pet’s belongings, including carriers/crates, food bowls, leashes or harnesses (if applicable), toys, medications and other things they might need while on the trip.

Be sure to bring any documents needed for an animal inspection at your new destination if there are such requirements- not every state has them but some still have regulations about rabies vaccinations and other important items even though pets can be domesticated now.

Make sure everyone involved is ready for a change in scenery before making this big move with animals! It won’t just affect you; it will affect the animals as well.

Take some time to focus on your pet, who is probably going to be a little bit more stressed than you are, and spend quality time with them. This will make the change in scenery much easier for both of you!